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My name is Reyni Broomes,
I’m 38 years old, I am a pastor’s wife, mom to 5 amazing Kids.
I am from the Dominican Republic, grew up in Bronx, New York and I have been living in South Jersey for the past 20 years!!!

I love fashion,,, I love dresses, I love heels, I love dressing up, I don’t need an event to dress up but if there is a special event coming up I start prepping early. As a young girl I was the one in skirts and heels at school no matter how cold it was.
I love finding deals on my outfits and my kids outfits!!!

My favorite color is red, so you will see a lot of red on here ��
I’m a curly girl for 4 years now, and I love it, but I do straighten my hair 1-2 times a year.
I started this blog hoping to inspire some ladies in being themselves, be you, be bold!!!
In this space I will be sharing how I match my outfits, why I pick them, how I pick them and where I get them from.

I hope to inspire you to try new things, along with me!!!

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The Fab five fashionistas - Christmas Edition

December 18, 2018

Hello Amores!!
I am back, and this time with my girls,, the fab five fashionistas are here to bring you Christmas outfit inspiration. Weather you are going to a Fancy Christmas party, work dinner, church Christmas dinner,  school Christmas concerts and even New Year’s Eve you will find inspiration in this blog!

I want to say my look is more glam Christmas party or New Year’s Eve party, either way you can rock this black and rose gold sequins jumpsuit. I styled it glam all the way with metallic rose gold clutch from Amazon and matching sandals from shoedazzle.

For my makeup I did a collaboration with Adorasdream and she went glam all the way, I have never had my makeup done this way, I absolutely loved it.
                           Jumpsuit- Burlington shoes - shoedazzle clutch - Amazon

Now let’s see what my fashionista sisters have for us!

                                                             Emanee's Closet

The little sis brings you an all white Christmas!! I absolutely love this look she styled it with rose good sequins booties and just brought that pop!!! I absolutely love it sis. You can wear this look to anything from an office party to a New Year’s Eve party. To get more details on her look please visit her blog, and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram.


Lydia, brings us a little green dress styled with gold shoes and clutch,, she is absolutely ready to hit any Christmas party and slay it baby!!  What I love about this dress is that you can style it so many different ways. And still be Christmas worthy.  To get all the info of her look and more head on over to her blog and remember to follow her Instagram.


My girl! You guys know anything red,, has the key to my heart and Yolanda went with a little red cape dress,,, because wait a minute that is a cape dress right?? You can simply go anywhere with this dress. Use it for a Christmas party, dinner, office party, New Year’s Eve and only if you are like me to  a school party. My motto be you!
I love how she styled it black pumps and a Chanel inspired black bag. You can definitely wear this anywhere.  Don’t forget to visit her blog to get all the detail on her look and give her a follow on Instagram.


Mary, went with the All time Christmas favorite red plaid look with a twist. Yes with a twist,  plaid is a classic but it doesn’t look this amazing on everything, now Mary turned that around baby, she made this classic look a modern one, with this statement dramatic plaid top and plaid pants. Now I love how she mixed prints and added the leopard shoes, belt and clutch! What a way to be bold and make it look amazing. You can wear this look simply any where  this Christmas season. Don’t forget to check out her blog for details on her outfit and give her a follow on Instagram as well.

Well that is all for today amore, thank you so so much  for reading and tell me,, what look inspires you???  What will you be wearing this Christmas season?? How would you make this your own??

Until the next blog amores!
Besos 💋



Fur for Christmas

December 11, 2018

Well, well, Happy December mis amores.

November passed and I didn’t write not one single blog 😱 that only tells you how busy the end of the year is for us all.

Well it’s December, the Most wonderful time of the year and the time for us all to bring out our fur coats and look as fancy as we can, without breaking the bank of course!

Let me tell you, I am one who has always love the elegance of a fur coat. But at the same time I know  I can’t afford one, and even if I could I probably won’t spend that kind of money in one. And to top it off my thing was, I don’t want people to look at me like the person who feels she’s too much because I’m really not like that. However I do like nice things and I don’t think walking around looking nice fancy and elegant should cost me a fortune or offend anyone.

Bottom line, when I saw this coat I’m wearing in these pictures I knew I had to have it but I also knew there was no way I was spending that much money on it. Well December passed ( that’s when it came out in 2017) and I didn’t get it, by the time it went on sale and I decided what the heck I do have the money let me get it, it was too late to order online and get it by Christmas and every store I could pick it p from was sold out. That was that!

Here comes February 2018 ( or March I can’t recall) and they had This amazing end of season sale and well, my coat was part of this AMAZING sale. I didn’t think about it even once to add to cart. I wasn’t going to wear this coat any time soon, as I actually didn’t but I knew this coat was a classic, a timeless not too versatile but a timeless fabulous  item I could bring out every December and just wear it with numerous different clothing pieces.

It’s indeed EVERYTHING, elegant, fancy, fabulous, glamorous and festive, so know I will wear this Coat again this end of year because it’s one for us to be glamorous and celebrate in.

With that said, I will link below other amazing fur coats I’m in love with this Christmas season because I believe every single one of  us NEEDS a fabulous fur coat for Christmas or simply for a fancy dinner or party.  Now don’t forget to use them coupons ladies, I don’t shop without coupons

                                                                 Shop my look                                                                             My Exact DressSimilar Red DressRose Gold pumps My Exact Clutch

      Fur Coats I Love

Eva Mendez Collection - Ilana Faux-Fur Coat

Grey Ombre Faux-Fur Coat

Faux-Fur Coat Pink

Faux-Fur Coat Black

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Thank you so much for reading and 'till next time.
Besos 💋


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12 Sweater Dresses I'm obsessed with & How I Styled 2 of them

October 30, 2018

Hello amores!
I’m back! And this time I want to talk about sweater dresses! I have been really loving some sweater dresses this season.
The sweater dress is one of those IT items for the fall / winter and it’s definitely getting to be one of my favorites. You guys know I love a simple one pice outfits.
DRESSES and this is just what a sweater dress is a simple one piece outfit that we can dress up or  down. This Eva Mendes dress I opted for these 2 looks and I’m also showing you how you can mix it up and have fun with it.

So first I wore this Eva Mendes Burgundy Sweater dress to church with,,,, are you ready?  A plaid black and white coat and a leopard scarf. Now we are mixing prints! Black stockings, and black pumps such a classic look. I Also show you how you can wear the scarf 2 different ways and also without a scarf  for warmer fall days, I also dressed  it kind of down for a less formal look with some brown booties and no stockings. You can also wear it some cute sneakers, but I don’t really own those so I wasn’t able to demonstrate that. Definitely can't wait to style this again, stay tuned!

The Gabrielle Union Camel V- Neck Sweater dress I opted to go with a simple black sleeveless long vest, a little long necklace, leopard print pumps and a black bag, I also show you the dress without the vest, and I can't wait to wear this dress again this time with my burgundy Coat and my leopard scarf that I already have in  my closet.

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Also I am linking here some other sweater dresses I’m obsessing about at the moment.

Eva Mendes Collection - Dasha Sweater Dress
Same Sweater dress I'm wearing in Honey Glaze
Eva Mendes Collection - Melinda Sweater Dress

Eva Mendes Collection - Cherelle Stripe Sweater Dress
Belted Scoopneck Sweater Dress

Eva Mendes Collection - Elisabeth Sweater Dress
Off-The-Shoulder Sweater Dress

Stripe V-Neck Sweater Dress
Border Stripe Sweater Sheath Dress

Gabrielle Union Collection - Black Sweater Dress
Gabrielle Union Collection - Maroon V-Neck Sweater Dress

Thank you so much for reading and until next time.

Besos 💋


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