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August 27, 2018

The Fab Five Fashionistas #Alltogethernow T-shirt edition

August 23, 2018

Hello Amores!
I’m back and this time with my fashionista sisters! That’s right! The Fab Five Fashionistas are back!!
This was such a fun collaboration, and so meaningful, #Alltogethernow in this brutal world where everyone envy each other it’s so important for us ladies to stick together and lift each other up!
So, we picked this awesome T-shirt from the Gabrielle Union Collection  at New York & Company.
One T-shirt, and we all got to style it our own way, no rules, how cool is that?
You get to see how 5 different ladies style one simple super meaningful T-shirt.

When the theme of this collaboration was picked, I already knew what I was going to style it with, of course the Eva Mendes denim skirt. If I tell you a secret well that will be 2, but I am not a T-shirt kind of girl, I think you all know this tho haha! And another one, I have not worn a denim skirt since my 20’s early 20’s 😱  But with this T-shirt I needed a denim skirt to wrap this look up!!  I linked my items below, shoes are from Ross so I linked something similar here. Bag Was from last year from Charming Charlie and it is now sold out but, I found this cute floral bag I linked for you. Vest was a Marshalls find but New york & Company has an amazing one I also linked.

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                                                         Vest * Tee * Skirt * Shoes * Bag

I seriously loved this look and can’t wait to wear this T-shirt with some other style perhaps I’ll dress it down next time!  Now time to talk about my sisters!!

Ayesha, totally worked this outfit, she really rocked the look, she styled her T-shirt with jeans also from New York and company and the most amazing booties,,, all she needs is a moto jacket and she’s ready for fall!

Yolanda, also went for the jeans look and I totally love how she styled it, she also added some fall pieces, the booties are really calling my name guys, I love her comfy and sassy style, yes you can be comfy in heels look at my sis, she’s a living prove  of this!  And that bag, come on I need it in my collection!!!


Lydia, went all the way out with that blue skirt, girl, I didn’t expect that!! I totally love it, I love how she kept it so classy with the black open toe heels and black bag. The definition of simple, bold, elegant and sexy, you go sis!!

Mary, well what can I say, simply amazing, styled it with the new black and white striped wrap skirt also from the Gabrielle Union Collection and red Booties! ❤️ This skirt just hugs your curves sis I love it!! You look amazing!!

The best part of collaborating with these girls is, I’m always the outcast, I’m always the girl who is over dressed where ever I go, but then I turn around and my girls, are just as over dressed as me, they make me feel “NORMAL” love you girls!!

So this is our humble styles for this T-shirt that mean so much to us as ladies!! We are mom’s, sisters, wives, fashionista, bloggers, friends, daughters, we struggle like everyone else does, but we are always here for each other, this is our tribe, this is our sisterhood, we are #alltogethernow!!

Now tell me, how would you style this T-shirt???
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Also remember you can find all of the information for their looks in their blog.

Thanks so much for reading!!


NY& Company New Jeans

August 20, 2018

Hello Amores!!!
So I have been MIA, so much always going on in the summer!

So, as everyone probably already knows New York and Company just released a new line of jeans with better stretch, better holding material and ones that don’t lose fit.

If you wore their jeans before you should know that some of their stretchy jeans get lose right away like other jeans I have tried, but I can tell you now, these are definitely not like that. They actually hold their shape and I love that about them!

You all know I’m like the number 1 fan of this brand, so as soon as I found out about them new jeans I needed one.
Now, I’m not a Jean girl, if it was for me I would wear dresses and skirts all the time, but the truth is a good pair of jeans always makes you feel sexy 🙈

I’m wearing the NY&C Runway - Ultimate Stretch - Destroyed Legging
I found them  at the outlet store on sale and I loved them. I really had no idea these were the new ones  and didn’t expect to find them online, but I did, I found them online and I’m also ordering the black ones.

I love a pair of jeans that are tight, stretchy, yet light enough, I don’t like jeans that are super heavy material and  I’m going to feel uncomfortable with them on, that’s why I had to come and chat with you guys about them.

With that said, I leave you with this, if it’s time for new jeans, girl, these are the ones.  Go for it!

                                            *** Jeans: Here *top: Here ***

Thank you so much for reading!

Besos 💋


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