Red velvet

November 28, 2017
This season, I have been in love with burgundy...  I decided I wanted to wear a velvet dress in burgundy for Thanksgiving,,, well that didn’t workout. The dress arrived and let’s say,,, it wasn’t modest enough on my body! 😳  So,, Red Velvet it was!!!!

Now, it is not new to anyone my favorite color is red right???

So Thank God, for this amazing collection by Tracee Ellis Ross for JCPenney, I head over to my JCPenney store in the Hamilton mall and they had one dress left in my size!! Yayyy

I already knew I would be shopping this collection but it wasn’t until I saw an Instagram story from my amazing fashionista Sister Mary Byrd that I realized this dress was included in the collection.

I love the way it fits my body, I love the sassiness and at the same modesty of it. I love that it is velvet ( screaming Christmas is here) and I will be able to wear it to any other Christmas party this Christmas season.
I love that it’s RED, (my favorite color) just perfect for Christmas or any day of my life,,,  haha!!
I love the length of it, it is just such a classy dress and I am all for that classy life!!!!

Another thing the price for this dress is so affordable it’s amazing, it is true to size, that I can say, some clothes that are velvet tend to be tighter on us, but not this dress, all I needed was some accessories and I was ready to go!

I went with my beloved black pumps from Nine West gold necklace and earrings from New York and company and that’s all!!!!

Links on where to find all of this on the bottom!!’

As always thanks for taking your time!!


Old items-New outfit

November 21, 2017

Some days you want to look fabulous with very little effort and this is where a nice Swater, jeans and some amazing pumps come in!  

To be clear like water, some days, I love picking comfy stuff that will as well look great!
Now this doesn’t mean I need to go shopping, you always have some awesome jeans and that black Sweater in your closet, all you need is those perfect shoes to add that POP of color to your day,,,, Well, I had those too!!
This Sweater is about a year old, and the shoes.... well those are about 5 years old but they are still in perfect condition! I just love shopping in my own closet for new outfits!  What makes the outfit new??? The simple way I put it together.
Now, let’s talk about the jeans, those are not as old!  I really love the way these jeans fit, because the hug and tight this “mommy of 5 body”  now, this is not an easy task, because all of these jeans are usually too low. But ever since high waisted jeans were created this world is a better place!!
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Lady in Yellow

November 13, 2017
A yellow dress in my closet!! Yup, something I never dreamed of having, that is of course until the new catalog from New York and company came in the mail with the Gabrielle Union collection.

Funny, I had just started watching being Mary Jane, so I had to have some pieces of her collection, and when I saw it was a sweater dress, 3/4 sleeves it was just the perfect pastor’s wife dress.

 This dress is so amazing, it looked great on my “Mommy of 5” body and it will look great on any other body as well!! It is such an elegant dress and it makes you feel beautiful and confident in it. I got so many compliments with it!!!

Here is a secret,,, I knew this dress was at least $70 when it first came out,, but I waited for sales and coupons. If you shop at New York and company as much as I do, you know they always have a sale going on... so this is what I did: 
 I waited, and stalked their website,,, yes I risked not getting this dress but it was obviously meant for me to have!!
 I did have to travel about 45 minutes to a further store but there it was, my dress,, in my size,,, on sale,,,  waiting for me, and the best thing, I only paid $37 for it!!!  
I told you I love me some deals!!!!
 I matched it with these amazing blue shoes from ShoeDazzle that because they were my first pair, I got for an amazing $10 yayy!!! 
 I just had to add that blue to keep Gabriel Union’s look since I was not bold enough to get me a blue trench coat, but I did miss it so I might end up getting it.
 Got some little blue jewelry from NY and company as well to Guide people to the blue shoes 😘
To finished the look, I went for this amazing floral bag from Charming Charlie since floral is so in this season!! 

I just loved the look. I say, try it, and you will love it too!! 

Falling in love with Kimonos

November 06, 2017
So, yes I am late to the Kimono trend,,, and here is why....

I have always love the look of a kimono, but I have always been afraid to try it because of my height and body type.  See, I’m 5’1 and thick so I find something long like this would only look this good in a beautiful slim tall girl.

Well, I went for it, and let me tell you I was wrong, it looks great on us short thick girls too!! I had this dress from Rainbow that I just love,and to top it off I have been dying to wear this color this season,  but I was not about to wear it without a little vest or sweater as I always try to stay a little modest and at night time of course it gets cold again.

I found this amazing Floral Kimono with velvet details  on sale at New York & Company  I just knew it was the perfect piece I had been looking for,  like really perfect, this amazing Kimono combine 2 great trends as I mention before: velvet and floral, come on can it get any better??   not to mention I got it for less than $25 with coupons,
 because we should always hit a sale ladies.
I put it together with this amazing floral necklace from Dressbarn and matching Open toes velvet heels from Amazon.. Now, I  know these shoes are not the best for the fall, but it was 74 that day in South Jersey.

It was perfect, I got so many compliments, I felt beautiful and stylish in it,, The perfect outfit for a warm Friday fall look.

Hope you guys like this outfit as much as I did, I for sure will be wearing this Kimono again.

Here are some links where you  can find similar pieces, if they don't have it online maybe your local store might have it!

Kimono Here
Dress     Here
Heels     Here

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One dress,, many possibilities

November 02, 2017
For a super special day in our lives,  I wanted something comfortable, elegant that says I’m the mom but also fun, and sassy for my oldest daughter’s High school Graduation and I found it!!!  The Eva Mendez collection from New York and company had the perfect dress!

The first time I wore with some regular open toes pumps and a black purse, little necklace and I was ready to go!!

Again I wore it for church months after with this amazing ankle strap dress sandal Stilettos
 and a brown purse!

There is always fun ways to mix and match items in your closet and I’m not afraid of trying them, so you also should not be afraid of mixing,,, there are soooo many possibilities!!!

Find the dress at New York & Company

The shoes from the first picture are from Guess

You can find a bag similar to the black one at Amazon

the ankle strap sandals stilettos you can find at Amazon

and you can find a brown bag like this at Amazon

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Talk to you soon in my next blog!!

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