Plaid and jeans

October 28, 2017
Let me tell you a secret about my 5 year old,,,,, she doesn’t wear jeans!!! Seriously she doesn’t, for her is all dresses, skirts and leggings,,,
So when the School sent me a note saying they have a plaid and jeans day, it was the perfect occasion for me to make her try some nice jeans. Where did I find these?? Justice was the place, it was perfect she tried them on at the store and all!
She loved the style of the off shoulders plaid shirt and those boots from Fabkids were just amazing!’

Looking forward to bringing more kids fashion to you guys!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!

Find the shirt At Justice

Find the jeans at  Justice

Find the boots at Fabkids

Fall in love with white

October 26, 2017
This comfy white  sweater I got last year is perfect, comfy, big, warm but not too warm. Just perfect for a cool fall day!  I Paired it with some blue jeans, and some clogs and I was in business and ready to rock it!!’
If I have to say the truth about these photos,,,, I only took them because I fell in love with the colors on that  tree and I had my beautiful comfy white Sweater on!

Looking forward on wearing this again this fall.
Thanks for stopping by loves, and remember to fall in love with white!!

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Get the jeans at Old Navy
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Do not fear the old!

October 23, 2017
This Sunday, was a pink kind of day!
Let me tell you about this dress, anyone remember that store Mandee?? Well, that’s how old this dress is, only to show you, you can match an old black dress with a Not so old jacket, and you have a fabulous aoutfit!!!
Pink Jacket I got from Burlington!

Shoes are my “To go” church shoes that match with almost everything. Or with everything really!! Got it from Nine West! I’m addicted to their shoes really.

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The blogging begins

October 12, 2017
I'm not sure at all what I'm doing but I have decided to be a fashion blogger so here it goes!!!
Dress from

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