Tie-waist & ruffled sleeves

January 15, 2018
South Jersey doesn’t even get cold any more, but this winter has really been freezing!
Now, to see these awesome spring looking outfits That I can actually wear right now gives me hope!

When I first laid eyes on this top I New I had to have it, the question was, what color to get haha!

This top is everything, the Sleeves, the V-neck, the way it accents your waist, and the way it flows it’s just amazing!
Although for me I had to wear a little camisole underneath because it’s slightly low for me, but it was all fixed with that camisole!

I styled it with dress leggings and pumps, But I can’t wait to style it again with some cropped jeans for a more casual look!
If you are interested in the top or the leggings details with direct links on where to find them will be on the bottom!

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Get the top Here
Get some dress leggings like these Here
Get a similar pair of pumps Here
Get the camisole Here

Sequins & Lace

January 10, 2018
This past New Years I totally went out of my comfort zone, 😱 yes me, I did! And let me tell you I am so happy I did! I got this skirt because when I walked in the store I was not even looking to that area, like I almost missed the new collection because in my mind I knew where they have the Eva Mendes collection at, I didn’t 😂😂 But, this skirt darling, just shined in my eyes 🤩🤩 I had to have it!!!

I’m so happy I got this skirt, it’s so fun, it just makes you feel fun and playful, it changes your attitude I think, as busy As I was this night I was in a happy mood.

This skirt was the talk of the night! This one lady said to me, you ordered that skirt online right?? Haha! Yes, I did!
Another lady said to  me, did you make that skirt? 😂😂 now does it look like I sew?  My kids kept playing with it, I mean this is how fun this skirt is.

  Yes I know, it’s too late New Years passed, but who said you can only wear that skirt on New years?
I can’t wait to get invited to a perfect THE perfect party and I will be wearing it again.

I decided to style it with a lace black top and nothing else, this outfit needed nothing else to stand out!

If you are interested in this skirt you can get it Here
You can also get a top similar to mine Here it’s a  bodysuit ❤️
but if you want to go with lace go Here
And a pair of black pumps would do the trick you can find something similar Here

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The Mermaid feeling

January 05, 2018
It’s finally here guys, the very first blog of 2018, yayy
I can’t believe 2017 it’s all gone and in the past!

I have this amazing dress to blog about, anything that gives you the mermaid feeling is worth buying!!  Am I right or wrong?  Well this Eva Mendes dress from New York and Company is that and more. Now, this dress was for holidays but, truth be told I was busy, I fought to take these pictures and writing was Just not in the calendar. But believe me, I will do better for the next holidays this was my first.
Now, I was just not going to blog the dress because really Christmas is over, but the real Fashionista woke up, you can wear it for anything, plus Valentine’s is coming up 😘 not to mention this baby comes in a peachy color called honey puff.  It will be perfect for the spring and the summer, but you can always accessorize it with a cute sweater/ vest.

These shoes,,, well here is another story, I wanted gold shoes, they were perfect for the season, but no one had gold shoes unless I ordered online so, I wore old ones. You can always use some black shoes and keep it simple but, why? Make it fun, and go the extra mile, we only live once they say right?

Make the outfit fun, if you are going to a dinner, party or a date, you already have an idea, but if you want to wear it to church or work, well, put a jacket, black pumps and you are ready to go!!!

 Looking forward to bringing you lots of ideas in 2018, I’m excited!!!
Thank you so much for stopping by!
Happy new year!
 Links for all the items in this look on the bottom!!


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