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Hi, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Reyni Broomes,
I’m 38 years old, I am a pastor’s wife, mom to 5 amazing Kids.
I am from the Dominican Republic, grew up in Bronx, New York and I have been living in South Jersey for the past 20 years!!!

I love fashion,,, I love dresses, I love heels, I love dressing up, I don’t need an event to dress up but if there is a special event coming up I start prepping early. As a young girl I was the one in skirts and heels at school no matter how cold it was.
I love finding deals on my outfits and my kids outfits!!!

My favorite color is red, so you will see a lot of red on here ��
I’m a curly girl for 4 years now, and I love it, but I do straighten my hair 1-2 times a year.
I started this blog hoping to inspire some ladies in being themselves, be you, be bold!!!
In this space I will be sharing how I match my outfits, why I pick them, how I pick them and where I get them from.

I hope to inspire you to try new things, along with me!!!


Polka Dots

May 22, 2018

Hello lovesss!!

So, as we all know one of the  hottest Trends this season is the “Polka Dots” that’s right, polka dots everything!  Well, I have some favorite polka dots dressss myself and today I want to share them with you!
So here we go!!!!

By the way, I’m so sorry because mine is from last year and it is  no longer available, but the bag and the shoes are!  So the link is on the bottom!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by loves and I’ll be writing again soon!! Besos!!!


Shades of purple

May 16, 2018
This was supposed to be my blog about “what I wore on Mother’s Day” but, since that is now past who cares right?

 I still wanted to blog this amazing Eva Mendes outfit from my very favorite store New york and Company!

The first time I saw this outfit was on a picture at the store, before it was even released online 😱 I’m there shopping and I see it and I say to myself, omg, how did I miss this outfit? I didn’t lol a couple of days after that it came out, immediately I knew I was wearing the exact outfit as is, as seen on Eva as styled by Eva.

I know I can styled it differently, and I sure will in the future because I will be wearing it again very soon, but this is how I loved it and so I went with it.

The mixing different shades of purple worked out amazingly the lavender top and lavender skirt with deep purple strapy block heels, deep purple belt and floral purple bag was a hit!

So, if you guys know me well, this bag is too small for me, so I had a mommy bag in the car with all I could had needed including makeup for myself because my makeup is always done in the car lol and stuff for the kiddos!

I’m planning on matching this with yellow next, what do you think? What fun color would you match this awesome lavender set with? Leave a comment please I love reading your comments....
That's it for today and thank you for reading,,,,,    Until next time loves kisses!!

                                                            Get the top Here
                                                   Similar top Here (they have 2)
                                                                 Skirt Here
                                                                Shoes Here
                                                                 Belt Here
                                                                 Bag Here


The Fab Five Fashionistas “#AllTogetherNow”

April 24, 2018
The fab 4 are back as the fab five!!!!

I’m so excited to once again collaborate with these amazing ladies I call friends/ sisters yes they are indeed my sisters in fashion blogging!
We put together this collaboration of all of the pieces we love from the new Gabrielle Union collection at New York & company inspired by their campaign “#Alltogethernow”

I picked the Gabrielle Union’s  beautiful maxi shirt dress! I saw it at first in white, loved it,,, but when I saw this Emerald green it was like, I HAVE TO HAVE IT! I completely love the way this dress fits me, I had so much fun the day I wore it, and taking those pictures was beyond fun!

I wanted to ad different colors to it, so I went with a floral belt,  I got from Boscov's and pink tassel earrings from Burlington, but I didn’t want to take away either so kept it simple with my sort of wedge/ block open toe shoes From G by Guess that I got a few summers ago and I don’t remember from where! 🙈 and my straw over sized bag from Burlington. Now you all know I need huge bags not to mention I love them and I fill them up too!

I will link all items or similar items in the bottom!

No we let’s see what my girls picked!!!

                                                              To get this look:                                                                  Dress - Wedge Sandals - Similar belt - Bag like mine - Tassel pink earrings similar to mine



Let’s start with our newest member of  The Fab Five Fashionistas Ayesha, and let’s actually say Happy birthday to her, since this blog is coming out on her birthday!
We are so happy to have her in our group, she’s so sweet and real, this is what I love about them all, how real they are!!!
Ayesha went with the Coral Halter Jumpsuit, I love this beautiful jumpsuit, and it’s funny because she had already purchased this before we even invited her to our group, it was meant to be right?
I love that she went so simple about it, she styled it with multi color comfy but cute flats,
You look beautiful in it sis!  To get more details visit her blog Here


Next is Yolanda!!!
I love, love, love this dress on her... she went with the stripe white and blue shirt dress  and of course she paired it with red heels and red earrings MY GIRL,,,, now do you all see the hottest bag this season in her hands????  Yup she worked it! You look amazing my friend!!!  To get all the details on her outfit visit her blog Here


It’s always great working with Mary!
She went with the White Sheath dress, that she rocked, like seriously you look amazing in white my friend! She paired it with gold a gold bag, gold booties and tassel earrings,,, simply fabulous Mary!!!
Get all the info in her blog Here


Last but not least,,, my girl Lydia
Lydia went with the kimono and and the pink shorts and let me say she worked it, oh yes she did, specially by mixing prints, and kept the accessories to a minimum by making a black bag and black pumps so that all the attention was on the outfit itself, just perfect my friend, you look so sexy beautiful, I love it!!! For more details on Lydia’s outfit please visit her blog Here

That’s all for today beautiful friends, thank you so much for your time, I will be back soon with more fashion lovessss!!!!



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