Hello amores!
Well the fab five fashionistas are back, and this time we bring you must have fall trends!
What is that you would say, well, well the so popular leopard print. This has been so popular this fall that I took my leopard print shoes out of the “giveaway box” lol.

I have been a lover of leopard for ever, I wear this even if it is not on trend, it's just one of those prints that simply allows me to express how I love me, my style and I don't need validation from others

There are endless ways of styling leopard print so my only problem was picking one. . I went for a simple “me style”  that always work, if you don’t know what to wear just make sure you are wearing something that is you. In my case was a pencil skirt, blouse and coat. This year I have been wearing leopard with different colors. I have always wore it with red. But I wanted to be adventurous and go for something different so I pulled out my lavender coat. Simple black heels and black bag to keep it classy.

                                                           Get the look

                 Black blouse : My exact shoes : My skirt : Similar color coat My exact bag

Now let’s get to my girls. The reason I love collaborating with them is not only because we are almost like sisters now but also because even tho we have similar styles we all bring something different and that just makes an amazing team.


My sister rocked this simple leopard print dress she really killed it with that red belt and red booties, this is definitely a style I would try I love matching leopard with red. To find out all the details on her outfit please visit her blog Here



My sister is really rocking this leopard print dress, she layered it with a black sweater and added her over the knees boots, I am loving this look and it’s really something I would love to try but know I won’t look as awesome as my sis in it. Head over to her blog to see all the details Here


She brought her own game and I’m loving it. She shows us how to use leopard print to work, and she’s also mixing prints, yes sis, yes!! I love that she went with this burnt orange to mix it with, the truth is I always was thinking of orange but it was a total different look, I really love this and o need this sweater and of course check out her booties guys. For info about her look please visit her blog Here


Mary did that! Seriously her and Yolanda really rocked our favorite color red with their leopard prints. I love how Mary went for a 2 piece leopard and wore it together, this look is so bold and I can’t pull it off the way she did. The red coat is simply everything, and let’s not talk about the red booties also her purse is so cute. To get info about her look please visit her blog Here

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Also leave me a comment and tell me how would you add leopard to your style this fall.

Love you all and ‘till next time.

Besos 💋