Living in jumpsuits

June 28, 2018

Hello amores!!
I wanted to stop by and talk about how great it is to have a jumpsuit. Some days you have to look fancy but don’t really have the time for it. As a mom this happens to me a lot! So usually what I run to is a jumpsuit,  it’s still pants, it’s still practical but if you pick the right one, you can look fancy as well!
This awesome jumpsuit I loved it from the moment I saw it and when I received it I was so pleased to find out how thin it is!

It’s perfect for summer I am sure you will love it too! You can wear it as it comes how I did or add a thick belt but it’s not necessary because this jumpsuit was made to accent your waist.

Get the jumpsuit Here
Thank you so much for reading
Besos 💋


The Dress shop at Forever21

June 20, 2018
Hello Amores, I am back and today I bring you dresses, more amazing dresses,
You all know by now I love a dress, and it is Maxi dress season, so when I walk into forever 21 and I see their dress shop I feel in heaven I don’t know where to start from their prices are amazing and so affordable where you can pick more than one 😘

This one believe it or not was a gift from my daughter she picked it, she picked the color, all I had to do was put it on and style it. I really wanted to just added my Eva Mendes white belt from New York and Company and my new favorite bag.

My dress in sold out in Orange sorry chicas, but go to the store and you might find one, you never know!

Well enough I won’t make you wait, here are some of my favorite from the dress shop at Forever 21!

 Find this beautiful, simple and comfy black maxi Here
 This is the link for this beauty and the mules are beautiful as well so link for dress Here  get the mules Here
 This is my dress not available in orange  any more but it is as gorgeous in white get it Here
And this beauty I need to order myself,,, you can find it in many colors Here

My bag you can find Here
And some white belts HereHere & Here

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll be back soon !

Besos 💋


Shopping my Closet Summer edition

June 15, 2018

Hello mis amores!!

Today, I am shopping my closet and I'm here to invite you to do the same, Shop your own closet some times we have treasures in there!!

This time I am posting these photos with this Jumpsuit from last summer 😱 right?
Well let me tell you, this is one of  my favorites I love a comfy jumpsuit and a V neck.
You all know I love a one piece outfit, not because I don’t like styling things, but as a mom of 5 it’s just easier to pic a one piece and change the accessories.

As I said this is a jumpsuit from summer 2017 and if I tell you the truth I only wore it once.
What I am coming to is, just don’t be afraid on re-using old pieces. We are all guilty of getting something we love and wearing it once, I try hard to wear clothes more than once, I know it’s only matter of time.

I encourage you to dig in your closet and find something old you completely love but forgot about     Change the accessories,,  that makes a complete different outfit and there you are stylish and didn’t spend a dime!

Bellow I am listing some jumpsuits I love and think and hope you all will like.

Come on, let’s welcome summer with awesome stylish and comfy pieces!!!

Besos 💋


Off shoulders top from shein

June 02, 2018
Hello loves!
Not a long blog just stopping by to give you links on this amazing top from Shein I posted on my instagram yesterday and you all loved so much! 

For size reference I got the Large because I had never ordered from them before but it was big so medium would had worked perfect, no complaints I love it!!! 

                                                   Here are the links, kisses 💋💋
                                                                     Top ; Bag 


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