What to get him for Valentines

February 08, 2018
Hello, hello,,, Are you ready for Valentines????
Valentine’s Day is in less than a week, and I don’t know about you guys but I was having problems thinking about what to get my husband for Valentine’s Day!

Well here is a few things I came up with so now we have to pick  one or 2 or more things  from here lol!!!

First thing first, I don’t know your husband or boyfriend but my hubby needs a new leather coat, he tends to never care about getting anything for himself and this is an opportunity for me to get him something he needs!

New shoes, any one needs new shoes!  I don't Care what they say a new pair of shoes can make anyone happy, plus we will be happy when our sweet guy wears these amazing new shoes! PS: I love the color

How about a pair of insulated new gloves to go with the new coat??? I mean, I don’t know about you but, my husband is the one who cleans my car when it snows πŸ˜‚, well him and my son, so definitely he needs new gloves!

Does your other half wear ties? If so, this little package of  ties would be amazing. I love how it comes in the package and the colors and really I think  leaning toward this one!

Now, here is a gift for him and for you, haha! He can keep his ties nice and organized with this tie hanger and your closet would still look fabulous 😘

Is it time to get him a new watch? Maybe it is, and even if it’s not, can you pass this amazing looking watch?  I think it’s gorgeous maybe is the black with gold/ bronze that is making it look so attractive in my eyes!

OK, so that one was a little pricey, and not everyone wants to spend that much!! Well, take a look at this one, its beautiful, the price is more attractive and guess what..... Its Unisex (hint.hint)

 If your love has an iPad, it might just be time to get him a new case, I know my husband needs a new one lol, I like this one, because it looks kid friendly too, if you know what I mean! 😘

Maybe it’s time for a new briefcase, you are probably sick of looking at the one he has already, do something about it! I like how many spots this one has!

Ok, so your other half doesn’t do briefcases,,,
That’s fine, get him this awesome back pack it even has a spot for his iPad, awesome right?

Let’s face it, his shaving equipment needs update!
If that’s the case here is a set with everything your other half needs even a travel case!

Ok let’s add something funny, cute and simple to this gift,,, maybe he is not the perfect husband 24hrs, 7days a week but this T-shirt would make him feel so good, I mean I would get if just to see his smile!

Or just be extra funny and make it all about you with this T-shirt and or this mug!

  I’m definitely getting T-shirt 😜😜😜

Of course don’t forget to add some chocolate to his gift bag/box or basket! You can get him chocolate too yes!  In my case I’m baking him something but if I don’t have time lol I know what to get him.

That’s all lovessss hope you guys got some ideas!!
Please leave me a comment and tell me what you all think of this blog!!!

As always thank you so much for reading!!!

Get the Coat    Here
Get the Shoes  Here
Get the gloves Here
Get the tie set  Here
The tie hanger Here
Get Watch -1   Here
Get Watch -2   Here
Get iPad case  Here
Get Briefcase  Here
Get Backpack Here
Shaving kit     Here
Get T-shirt -1  Here
Get T-shirt -2  Here
Get the mug    Here
Heart chocolate box  Here

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Valentine’s Day in boots Outfit 1!

February 06, 2018
Hello loves!!!

Before I get started I want to apologize for not writing for so long. My house is getting lots of repairs done from a bad water leak I had back in November and it has been very stressful to me. But I want you all to know I have been thinking about my blog, I have not forgot my readers!

Let me know if you want pictures of my renovations when ya all finished and done!

So, this is the first of my Valentine’s Day outfits series!
I figured since Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday this year, some of us parents will need to go out for lunch when school is in session!

As I said before, some parents will need a lunch date as kids are in school, for s lunch date we might not want to go crazy so this simple top with the statement sleeves and some jeans it’s a great idea.

To give it a Velentine’s day look I added this red belt.

The boots!
Quick story:
I never wear tall boots, in fact, I never wear boots, I wear booties and that some times, that’s about it.
The reason is because of the size of my calfs no boots fit me. It doesn’t matter how much weight I lose, my calfs have been this big for many years, I never find boots that I like and fit me,they are always low with hardly a heel and I’m a heels girl. I’m only 5’1 and even tho I don’t complain about my size, I like the way I look in heels, so you will hardly ever find me in flats, that’s just how it is!
A friend of mine gave a website where to buy beautiful boots for big calfs and I found them on sale  so I ended up with 3 pairs, paid for one and got 2 Free! 🎊🎊🎊

Back to the outfit we go!!!
Let me tell you, you can dress this up how ever with some red pointy toe shoes perhaps but you can also go with an amazing pair of over the knees boots, I think because it’s a date, you want to be sassy and make sure it has some heels but that’s just me, if you are not a heel kind of girl go ahead and rock this outfit with your regular over the knees boots!

You can add a little red bag to add more red to the outfit that for these pictures I didn’t take the red bag out.

Of course don’t forget that red lipstick because it’s a date lovess!!

As always thank you so much for stopping by and tomorrow look for outfit number 2!

Have a great valentine’s day loves!

Don’t forget to leave me a comment and tell me what you think of this look.
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Get a top like mine Here
Get the jeans Here
the boots Here
 Other option Here
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Another option not wide calf Here
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Another option for the belt Here
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Another option for the red bag Here
red pumps Here

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