Hello Amores and I think it is still safe to say Welcome September, This blog was meant for September first, but that didn't happen, well we move on!

September is a month of changes, new month, new season. As the season changes so do we! Just like it’s transitioning  from summer to fall, it’s also a transition to a new season on so many peoples lives, every child starts a new season in their life, weather it is a transition  to a new grade, a new school, for some they are just going into school for the first time, for others it means leaving the home they grew up in and spreading their wings, learning how to fly without mom and dad right by their side.

For some of us parents it means letting go of that baby who is finally going into pre- school, or simply letting go of your big babies who are leaving an empty space at home to find their own way, a better feature, a new season in their life.

September it’s  the beginning of the end of the year, we get to enjoy the last day of summer that it happens to be my birthday, September 22nd 😘 do you understand how awesome September is yet? 💕  At least in South Jersey we get to turn  our clocks back to accommodate for that extra hour of sleep we have all been dreaming of.

Every month usually teaches us a lesson, each one leave us a great memory. And if we pay close attention and stay focused we also get to grow a little each month, But I feel September takes the lead, it teaches us new things are not always a bad thing, as I explained above!

I decided to write this blog about September not only because of my birthday being this month but also because I realized how much change it brings in our life, at one point this month everything its calm again, those crazy summer months of running around are gone and we have more time to settle into a new routine or at least a calmer one.

Personally, I experienced in September last year moving my first born out of our  home and into college.   Talk about transitions and new seasons right!  Well once again this year not only my first born but also my 2nd born I had to move out of our home to their college “home” to make it sound better. I will say , 1st, 2nd, 3rd or what ever you will never be ready. But know that they are only doing better for themselves and most importantly they will still be your babies.

Now if we go into my outfit. I love this T-shirt and I promise to find one like it and link it for you guys. Even tho it’s a funny statement and it is used possibly for every month, I like the fact that, I’m fact September is a month of sunshine as only towards the end it changes to fall but also, it’s a fact that September is also hurricane month at least in most places.

I picked the skirt ( sold out sorry girls) because of fashion week, I don’t know what made me think that in less than a year as a fashion blogger I was going to be able to attend NYFW but I was obviously wrong. No big deal one can dream, and when you do dream, go ahead and dare to dream big, but also work towards that dream.

Thanks so much for reading Amores and till next time!

Besos 💋