Hello amores!!
So excited to write about this beautiful dress!
Often we get stuck with only buying from places we know because really we are scared.
Specially if you are a “street size”  a girl bigger than a size 4 a curvy girl.  I think some sites now have the name “curve”  really if you ask me, I would love to get rid of all these labels. Make the clothes to fit us all, numbers are good enough right?

Enough of ranting lol lets move to the dress!

I saw a friend on Instagram shared a story of this dress and I loved it! Well I messaged her and she told me where to get it from. Sure enough I was in that site boohoo.com I won’t keep it a secret lol
I was so scared to order from this site, not in us where a size 10 some times it’s really a 6 😱 but I did. The dress was all I was looking for, I just needed to pick a color, no big deal right? Right 😏 lol it took me for ever to make the decision, finally ordered everything was 50% off so I ended up ordering 2 items, will post the other item another time tho.

Well when I received my items it was too hot for sleeves so I put it in the closet until we get cooler temperatures. It was time, and I decided the new fall trend coming in is leopard. Let’s do leopard shoes. Well these babies are about 6 years old. And really I was ready to give them away but baby, I took them out of the donation / Poshmark box and wore my babies.

Now, it’s still summer, so I figured, a summer bag was needed to keep the style as a transition outfit that will work for both seasons. My bamboo bag was the perfect bag.

What can I say, hold on to your items unless you just don’t like them, or they are ruined. These shoes have been ones I love for many years and was only thinking of new ones because closet needed update according to me, ah no it doesn’t I will keep rocking them until they say no more.

The shipping from boohoo.com it’s almost 2 weeks so keep that in mind when ordering. Also remember to wait for those sales they always have amazing sales. Read the reviews, and if you think you need to, size up. In my case the 10 was perfect but keep in mind this material is stretchy.

Remember to play with colors, put it on and look in the mirror before you discard and idea.

Thank you so much for reading, please leave me a comment, let me know if You try them. And please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog.

                                              Dress Here - Similar shoes Here- Bag Here

Beso 💋