A year ago on October 12th I hit  publish on my very first blog. I am so excited About celebrating my very first Blog anniversary  that I couldn’t leave you guys out. where did this time go? I can’t believe it has been a year since I decided to share my love for fashion with you all openly.

One thing I was told, I didn’t know you were a writer:
I’m not a writer, I do not have the best grammar, you will often find spelling mistakes here and there. But I remember when I was considering opening my fashion blog, I read, how I don’t have to be perfect, brands already have people they pay for this, they are now looking for regular ladies with the ability to influence.

Another thing, oh you are modeling now!
Well I do not consider myself a model, of course!  but yes to become a fashion blogger  there are 2 things you probably need  1- like taking pictures and 2- like fashion this of course is among other things but that doesn’t make you a model.

As a pastor’s wife, I feel this have been a bigger challenge, forget that I’m a Christian and People think Christianity and fashion are like oil and vinegar and absolutely don’t mix, I’m also a pastor’s wife how dare me put myself out there? ugh I'm so vain, right?!!  Lol well that’s a whole other blog.

I am very grateful for this space, I am grateful for the opportunity to share my love  for fashion with all of you.
If I have inspired only one reader I have done my job. Look most bloggers don’t go pass 3 months I’m way pass that. I’m thankful for that. Every day is not great, I don’t always want to post, some days I feel like giving up, but if you know me, you know giving up is not an option.

Now, let’s take a little walk of this past year.
My first blog, I didn't write more than 2 sentences LOL

2nd blog, no it was not a car blog LOL but I still love this dress

That time I took my picture in my formal Room
That time I waited until everyone left church to take pictures 
That picture New York & Company sent on their Merry Christmas email
That time my daughter and I froze to take an amazing picture
My first professional photos 
One of my Collaborations with the Fab five Fashionistas
That time New York & Company re-posted my photo
That time I wore a jean skirt after almost 15 years
That one picture I can't wait to take with a professional 
That time my son got wet to take my pictures in the rain 

A few people to thank,
Number ONE and most important, my God, also My husband and kids who have supported me every step of the way. Guys they have to deal with me, take a million pictures some times on just random days but most times right after church, before we go eat because no one is taking pictures after eating right? Lol let’s not talk about all the random places I want to take pictures at and my kids look at me like noooo we shouldn’t do that mom haha!  I also want to thank sisters for always supporting my blog and believing in me.

I want to thank you all, for stopping by and reading it means so much to me. Really a blog it’s a team work and I couldn’t do it alone.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for one amazing year. Here is to many more!

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Besos 💋