Well, well, Happy December mis amores.

November passed and I didn’t write not one single blog 😱 that only tells you how busy the end of the year is for us all.

Well it’s December, the Most wonderful time of the year and the time for us all to bring out our fur coats and look as fancy as we can, without breaking the bank of course!

Let me tell you, I am one who has always love the elegance of a fur coat. But at the same time I know  I can’t afford one, and even if I could I probably won’t spend that kind of money in one. And to top it off my thing was, I don’t want people to look at me like the person who feels she’s too much because I’m really not like that. However I do like nice things and I don’t think walking around looking nice fancy and elegant should cost me a fortune or offend anyone.

Bottom line, when I saw this coat I’m wearing in these pictures I knew I had to have it but I also knew there was no way I was spending that much money on it. Well December passed ( that’s when it came out in 2017) and I didn’t get it, by the time it went on sale and I decided what the heck I do have the money let me get it, it was too late to order online and get it by Christmas and every store I could pick it p from was sold out. That was that!

Here comes February 2018 ( or March I can’t recall) and they had This amazing end of season sale and well, my coat was part of this AMAZING sale. I didn’t think about it even once to add to cart. I wasn’t going to wear this coat any time soon, as I actually didn’t but I knew this coat was a classic, a timeless not too versatile but a timeless fabulous  item I could bring out every December and just wear it with numerous different clothing pieces.

It’s indeed EVERYTHING, elegant, fancy, fabulous, glamorous and festive, so know I will wear this Coat again this end of year because it’s one for us to be glamorous and celebrate in.

With that said, I will link below other amazing fur coats I’m in love with this Christmas season because I believe every single one of  us NEEDS a fabulous fur coat for Christmas or simply for a fancy dinner or party.  Now don’t forget to use them coupons ladies, I don’t shop without coupons

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      Fur Coats I Love

Eva Mendez Collection - Ilana Faux-Fur Coat

Grey Ombre Faux-Fur Coat

Faux-Fur Coat Pink

Faux-Fur Coat Black

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Thank you so much for reading and 'till next time.
Besos 💋


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