This past New Years I totally went out of my comfort zone, 😱 yes me, I did! And let me tell you I am so happy I did! I got this skirt because when I walked in the store I was not even looking to that area, like I almost missed the new collection because in my mind I knew where they have the Eva Mendes collection at, I didn’t 😂😂 But, this skirt darling, just shined in my eyes 🤩🤩 I had to have it!!!

I’m so happy I got this skirt, it’s so fun, it just makes you feel fun and playful, it changes your attitude I think, as busy As I was this night I was in a happy mood.

This skirt was the talk of the night! This one lady said to me, you ordered that skirt online right?? Haha! Yes, I did!
Another lady said to  me, did you make that skirt? 😂😂 now does it look like I sew?  My kids kept playing with it, I mean this is how fun this skirt is.

  Yes I know, it’s too late New Years passed, but who said you can only wear that skirt on New years?
I can’t wait to get invited to a perfect THE perfect party and I will be wearing it again.

I decided to style it with a lace black top and nothing else, this outfit needed nothing else to stand out!

If you are interested in this skirt you can get it Here
You can also get a top similar to mine Here it’s a  bodysuit ❤️
but if you want to go with lace go Here
And a pair of black pumps would do the trick you can find something similar Here

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