Hello amores!

I am back, it’s been a little bit since “The Fab Five Fashionistas” collaborated so it was time.
This is such a fun collaboration y’all know the trend this summer is Bold colors, bold prints bold everything, so that’s what our theme is. Bold colors!! I remember wearing a lot of blacks whenever I would go up in weight but that’s now in the past. My weight doesn’t determine the color of my clothes anymore.

As soon as we picked the theme I wanted this one brown dress I was set it’s so beautiful I was ready to order it,, but then I walked into my local New York & Company and saw the poster with this dress. That’s it, it was love at first sight when you say BOLD this dress is the meaning of bold!!
Bold colors, bold prints, the fringe it just makes the dress bolder than bold! I needed this dress in my life and now it’s in it yess!!

I’m planning a little vacation and baby, this dress is coming with me, I made that decision when I tried it on lol this dress belongs in an island somewhere. I love how it’s fun, tropical and elegant all at the same time.
I kept it simple, styled it with gold earrings also from New York and Company a shell-shaped straw bag from Amazon and my neutral strappy sandals from Aldo shoes. Very natural makeup and I called it the day.  Now let’s check out my girls outfits.

                                                                    Shop my look
                                                          Dress; Earrings; Shoes; Bag 

                                                             Curlybyrdie Chirps

My girl, it’s into snake print just like me!! That’s how you know we belong together.
She did the green snake print jumpsuit and styled it with a Leopard print clutch! Someone say BOLD!! I love this Mary,,, I have the dress and the top and now I might just need to go for the jumpsuit influenced by my Fashionista sister!

                                                                Emanee’s Closet

She did it y’all, she took bold to another level!!! Talk about a boss girl, walking up to her office in this power green suit and a rainbow stripe top under,, and to top it off pink strappy sandals, yup she did it, she went bold and I love it!!  Remind me to get the top sis, I need it!!!

Lydia and Yolanda are twinning I’m different colors. It’s so amazing how you can be so alike but so unique at the same time. I love it, I simply love it!

                                                           Chic to street style mom

Lydia went with this bold stripes maxi dress in blue so beautiful definitely my kind of dresses as you all know!! I love how she added the pop of yellow, and those heels oh Lord I need them in my life sis! This was so bold I love how it looked but would have never mixed those colors before I saw my sis do it,, but now you know I will!!!


                                                              Curly petite Renee

My girl Yolanda also went with the bold stripe maxi dress, she went with the  brown one and paired it with pink yes sis I love it!’ And her bag, I love how cool is the shape of her bag. I have a bamboo one as well but this shape is unique! This combo was all really bold I loved that hot pick lipstick sis!!


Well, that is all for this collaboration stop by their blogs leave me a comment telling me what you think and what else you would like to see in my blog! Also, let them know if you are coming from here!
Till next time
Besos 💋