Get my jumpsuit Here
Hello amores, I know it has been for ever. I have been having issues with my blog but I’m hoping it will get fix soon.

I’m back with my fashionista sisters! Yolanda brought this beautiful dress to our attention from Target but we decided they have too many amazing fall outfits and we needed to show more, so that’s what we did!

3 of us did go with the dress and to tell you the truth o cleans this dress too 😩 but I went with this amazing mustard jumpsuit. It’s crazy I knew how I was going to style it from before I even bought it lol.
They all did so great with their outfits I loved how they all styled the same dress differently, simply amazing and so great.
Also Mary and I did exactly the same leopard belt and shoes yes Mary, yes!!

I love how we all think the same way about fashion, we style almost the same exact way, it’s simply amazing, I always love collaboration with these ladies.

I styled my jumpsuit with leopard shoes and a leopard belt both from the Eva Mendez  2018 fall collection. And a black purse. Simple as can be, yet dressy and elegant.  When it get cooler you can add a denim jacket or a faux jacket change the pumps for boots, oh so much you can do!!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. I promise I’ll be back sooner with more, but as of now I’m out!!

Reyni 💋