A yellow dress in my closet!! Yup, something I never dreamed of having, that is of course until the new catalog from New York and company came in the mail with the Gabrielle Union collection.

Funny, I had just started watching being Mary Jane, so I had to have some pieces of her collection, and when I saw it was a sweater dress, 3/4 sleeves it was just the perfect pastor’s wife dress.

 This dress is so amazing, it looked great on my “Mommy of 5” body and it will look great on any other body as well!! It is such an elegant dress and it makes you feel beautiful and confident in it. I got so many compliments with it!!!

Here is a secret,,, I knew this dress was at least $70 when it first came out,, but I waited for sales and coupons. If you shop at New York and company as much as I do, you know they always have a sale going on... so this is what I did: 
 I waited, and stalked their website,,, yes I risked not getting this dress but it was obviously meant for me to have!!
 I did have to travel about 45 minutes to a further store but there it was, my dress,, in my size,,, on sale,,,  waiting for me, and the best thing, I only paid $37 for it!!!  
I told you I love me some deals!!!!
 I matched it with these amazing blue shoes from ShoeDazzle that because they were my first pair, I got for an amazing $10 yayy!!! 
 I just had to add that blue to keep Gabriel Union’s look since I was not bold enough to get me a blue trench coat, but I did miss it so I might end up getting it.
 Got some little blue jewelry from NY and company as well to Guide people to the blue shoes 😘
To finished the look, I went for this amazing floral bag from Charming Charlie since floral is so in this season!! 

I just loved the look. I say, try it, and you will love it too!! 

 Thanks for stopping by my fashion lovers and I will be writing again soon. Links will be on the bottom, if you don’t find it online,  head on to your nearest store they might still have one or 2 dresses in there.

The dress from New York & Company
Bag is from      CharmingCharlie
Shoes are from ShoeDazzle
Necklace          New York & Company
Earrings            New York & Company           
Watch              New york & Company